Dita Von Teese. Tutorial

9 December 2014 

Dita Von Teese is one of my favorite ladies in the show business. I am inspired by her style, by her photos. She perfectly demonstrates the balance between feminine and sexy.

Step 1. Pencil sketch


DitaByNadineSamarina (2)

Step 2. Liner sketch

I use Pigma Micron 005 ink pen (0.20 mm line).

DitaByNadineSamarina (3)

DitaByNadineSamarina (4)


Step 3. Skin tone

I erased the pencil and start to paint the skin.

DitaByNadineSamarina (5)For skin tone I use Letraset markers:

– Promarker Ivory Y418 (or TRIA Y418)

DitaByNadineSamarina (6)


– TRIA Y129 (for darker color of skin)

DitaByNadineSamarina (7)


– TRIA O618 (for shadows)

DitaByNadineSamarina (8)


Step 4. Coloring

DitaByNadineSamarina (9)

DitaByNadineSamarina (10)


I use 2 shades of gray ( Tria CG03 and Tria NG03 )

DitaByNadineSamarina (11)

DitaByNadineSamarina (12)


Step 5. Details

I draw lace using Pigma Micron 005 ink pen (0.20 mm)

DitaByNadineSamarina (14)

DitaByNadineSamarina (13)

Finishing touch. I add bold lines using Pigma Micron 01 ink pen (0.25 mm)

DitaByNadineSamarina (15)



DitaByNadineSamarina (16)

If you like this tutorial and you want to try to draw this illustration, I’d like to see the result. Post your illustrations on instagram, tag me on your photo (@nadinesamarina) and tag photo with #DitabyNadineTutorial .

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